"I had a great time and gained valuable skills. I can't begin to explain how grateful I was for this program. I would recommend it to anyone I know who are interested in the trades."

Chris W

"I thought it was a very amazing deal and so in my opinion, something that could not be passed up. I think it is an amazing and very helpful program with lots of pros and no cons."

Logan S

"This was an amazing opportunity to be able to get free training right out of high school when I have no money and have someone help me start exploring careers for my future and help me get started."

Graham B

"This program is very good and is an amazing opportunity for any individual graduating highschool."

Brandon T

"I think this program is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to succeed."

Mark H

"I enjoyed the fact that I got the opportunity to get my boot in the door with a great company and can pursue my goal to become a journey person carpenter."

Logan W

"12 to Trades is an excellent program for recent high school graduates who are seeking a career in the trades. The inclusion of a work placement in the program provides students with a good opportunity to get a career in the trades.."

Eric G

"RTSC is an amazing institution, giving people an opportunity to enter the trades who didn't have one before. They reward the people who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication."

Josh B

"This was a life changing moment, a great opportunity, I cannot say enough good things about the course. The instructor and the entire RTSC staff went above the call of duty to provide a fun and educational experience. Hat's off to the executive director for overseeing it all. 150% complete satisfaction with all of it."

Calvin T

"Thank you so much for the opportunity! I learned so much, gained experience and came out of the course with so much more opportunity! Thank you!!!!"

Chris V.

"I'd like to thank Regina Trades & Skills Centre for the opportunity to be involved in the Painting Course. "I loved it". It showed me more to painting than I knew."


"Regina Trades & Skills is almost a hidden gem. You give the people who realize the opportunity in front of them a huge benefit in what you provide here. It's almost too good to be true, and if you are willing as the individual, you can go so far. Thank you all for everything you do (everyday), and for choosing me for this course. You have brightened my future tremendously, mine and my family. Thank you."


"The Electrical course at the RTSC was one of the best opportunities I have been provided with. I have never attended educational training where the entire facility was as concerned about my success and satisfaction from the training. I would highly recommend attending the RTSC to anyone wanting to start out in a trade."


Regina Trades and Skills Centre is doing an awesome job!

I completed the OPTICAL SPLICING FIBRE TECHNICIAN training during March – April 2015 at Regina Trades and Skills Centre. I would like to thank all the people working in this Centre. This training helped me acquire the essential skills and knowledge to work for a reputed company engaged in building the optical fiber network for SASKTEL. The rich experience of the instructors and learning tools available at this training facility provides a life changing career opportunity to the students. I think Regina Trades and Skills Centre is doing an awesome job! "


I feel that I have countless new skills and abilities, and a massive amount of new found knowledge. I also feel I was given an opportunity to find a great job and career in my life, and I hope to go far with it."


I am doing scaffolding at K+S Potash. I like scaffolding but still plan to get my carpenter's ticket. When I couldn't find anything after a few weeks, I thought I would give scaffolding a try. I can also bring some of these hours to my carpenter apprenticeship. I am doing some carpentry work at K+S Potash. It is very different in industrial. There are 16 cranes on site. The pay is ridiculous as well."